Education in Politics

IF you are a Spaniard and you want to study about politics at the Universidad de Madrid, perhaps you may not think of it not on a parochial level but as its universal stage. Politics in Spain is fairly stabilized although there’s the usual ethnic bragging among the Basques, the Catalans and the minorities living in Granada. So while studying and not yet eyeing that City Council seat in Salamanca, you may want to have a virtual tour around the world as far as politics is concerned.

In the United States, it’s Super Tuesday already but let us set that aside first. For one exciting development about politics occurred in the Philippines yesterday or the day before Super Tuesday. The Speaker of the House in the Philippines was ousted by a parliamentary coup for no logical reason at all other than that the Speaker, Jose de Venecia, has strained personal ties with his political ally, President Gloria M. Arroyo. Congressmen who pounced on him used this alibi to unseat him. That’s what’s good in democracy. House rules in the Philippines explicitly provide that you can unseat the Speaker if he has lost the confidence of his colleagues.

Another exciting development in the world of politics is the reelection of Boris Tadic. What does this mean? Because of his pro-Western stance, Tadic may pave the way for Serbia’s inclusion in the European Union. And that can surely propel the development of the country since the European Union is known to be working as a family. Now let’s talk about Super Tuesday but that what the world is waiting for immediately after the New York Giants’ win in Super Bowl XLII.

Super Tuesday brings Sen. Barack Obama to be pitted against Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Democratic nomination race. Polls distributed in Missouri and California a day before already show Obama gaining a narrow lead. Of course, there’s no question on who the frontrunner in the GOP side as Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee who are just nuisances.

And then there’s California. You know what makes California exciting to even the most bewildered politics students in the world? The governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been a Republican long before he married his current wife, Maria Shriver, who is an extremely loyal Democrat. They both knew that from the start but then again love prevails. For decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been campaigning for Republicans and for decades his wife has been campaigning for Democrats.

Now if you’re planning to take a degree in political science, you may as well take a degree in economics. After all, politics and business go hand in hand for a country to survive. If you are in good in business but you don’t have the political or diplomatic suave to push for what you believe can be good for the nation, the country will surely be in tatters. So if you are salivating to be in the world of politics, then go ahead. Indulge in studying economics.