Essay words every student must know

  Avoid clichés. A cliché is an outworn commonplace; a phrase that has become so hackneyed, those scrupulous speakers and writ­ers shrink from it because they feel that its use is an insult to (the intelligence of their auditor or audience. Clichés range from high-flown phrases (explore every avenue) to quotations ( the two evils […]

Вurn After Reading Review

This Coen Brothers’ screwball CIA comedy hits all the right notes to light up a somewhat bleak fall season with laughs aplenty from an all-star cast.  This comedy, starring George Clooney, John Malkovich, and Frances McDormand, makes fun of mannerisms and high society with mistakes and misnomers that’ll tickle your funny bone ‘till the cows […]

Creating Your Own Online Job

When you’re searching for an online job, don’t neglect the fact that you can create your own. The beauty of the Internet is that it enables everyone to pursue his or her passion, and find a market for the goods or services he or she offers, no matter how specialized. That’s not to say that […]

How to Study Abroad

Having the opportunity to integrate an international study program into your college career is one of the most rewarding experiences you can take advantage of. Imagine studying Art in Rome, or chemistry in Berlin.  The college study abroad program is available in more than 45 countries across the world and they offer a wide variety […]

Thoughts On The Asifa

So much has been going on and so many ideas and claims are being thrown around that it’s hard to get clarity. As my thoughts are somewhat disorganized I will do a point-by-point analysis instead of an essay. I will only be addressing those claims leveled against Shofar that are also leveled against overall therapy […]

Remediation started late

When remediation is prescribed at the end of the year, the student faces a higher mountain to climb. What if, a skill improvement prescription is start early in the school year. Makes sense right? Parents who monitor the school’s reporting systems of their child’s performance get more signals of potential problems. Many schools have web=based message systems. Most […]

Remediation v. Self-esteem

  “Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you’re going to do about it.”—Kathleen Casey Theisen Remediation lowers self-esteem Public school programs often use remediation programs to address low-performance.  The message that kids get from remediation programs is “Remediation lowers self-esteem.” The message that is less […]

Meet our Talent Search winners

Our mission at Khan Academy is a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere – but we can’t do it alone. To reach more learners and cover more subjects, we need more explainers to create more content.That’s why we launched the Khan Academy Talent Search this May – to find great explainers and amplify their voices. […]

Education in Politics

IF you are a Spaniard and you want to study about politics at the Universidad de Madrid, perhaps you may not think of it not on a parochial level but as its universal stage. Politics in Spain is fairly stabilized although there’s the usual ethnic bragging among the Basques, the Catalans and the minorities living […]